Liverpool City Council - Category Manager

  • Salary: £36,379- £41,025
  • Location: Liverpool

Directorate:                                        Finance

Division:                                             Commercial Procurement Unit

Job Title:                                            Category Manager

Grade:                                                8

Salary Range:                                    £36,379 - £41,025

Post no:         

Location:                                            Cunard

Primary purpose of the job:  To lead and influence defined areas of spend within LCC for all aspects of procurement and demand management.  To lead on specific strategic procurement exercises and support the development and delivery of service strategies and objectives.  To assist in the delivery of agreed work plans.

Directly responsible to:                     Senior Category Manager

Directly responsible for:                   Staff as directed




Central mechanics of the role:

  • To support the development and delivery of a strategic sourcing programme for defined category areas.  To devise appropriate procurement strategies whilst understanding LCC spend profiles and the delivery of projects within time constraints and within defined budgets.
  • To provide comprehensive, relevant and high value insight into all procurement and commercial aspects of specific categories.  To understand the supply chain, the commercial environment, the nature of demand and the cultural and political forces which influence it.
  • To lead the development of high value relationships with suppliers to LCC enabling the council to maximise the value it extracts from its commercial partnerships.
  • To be pro-active in working with colleagues across the CPU to develop the potential for a stronger local supplier market ensuring that more spend, where appropriate, is directly leveraged into the local economy.
  • To meet customer requirements by delivering value for money, identifying cost savings and other efficiencies including innovative solutions.
  • To ensure that internal clients adhere to the Local Authority Contract Standing Orders and EU procurement directives.
  • To be competent in the use of all technology relevant to the post and to undertake system duties commensurate with the grade.

Category Management

  • To proactively plan, lead and manage procurement projects whilst developing strategic relationships with internal customers and stakeholders alike
  • To ensure that procurement governance is adhered to including robust data analysis, opportunity assessment, strategy development and creation of appropriate evaluation criteria.  All in accordance with EU procurement directives, UK legislation and Local Authority Contract Standing Orders
  • Constant update and maintenance of key reports and CPU statistical data around project delivery and associated benefits including savings and Social Value KPI’s.
  • To participate in contract management activity where required.

Adding Value

  • To participate in regular training and continuous professional development in order to continually refine skills and develop personal capacity.
  • To add value in all aspects of your work, in line with the stated direction and values of Liverpool City Council.
  • To maintain a consistent focus on the outcomes of our work – being conscious of the services we deliver and the impact they have on both internal customers and service users.
  • At all times to act as an ambassador for both Liverpool City Council and the city of Liverpool though your expertise, experience, enthusiasm and general demeanour.

Behavioural characteristics of success:

  • The curiosity to tackle new and old challenges with a desire to succeed.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to actively support and encourage the development of all staff within the CPU as appropriate. 
  • Consciously attempt to energise and inspire those around the Authority and beyond.
  • A team player at all levels
  • An proactive and successful relationship builder across the team, wider organisation and its partners
  • Demonstrates a consistency of approach, recognising the impact of personal style in the team and acts with integrity.
  • An ability to think both operational and strategically as the situation demands. 
  • Diplomatic at all levels; efficient and effective in a fast changing environment.
  • Action focused.
  • Ability to lead, motivate, influence and persuade.
  • Develop the City Council’s commitment to equal opportunities and to promote non-discriminatory practices in all aspects of work undertaken

It must be understood that every employee has a responsibility to ensure that their work complies with all statutory requirements with Standing Orders and Financial Regulations of the

City Council and to ensure that all work functions are undertaken in accordance with health and safety legislation, codes of practice and the City Council’s safety plan.

This job description is not intended to be either prescriptive or exhaustive. It is issued as a framework to outline the main areas of responsibility.

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