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Mon, July 2nd, 2018

To help minimise waste and safeguard finite resources, B&M Waste Services have..

To help minimise waste and safeguard finite resources, B&M Waste Services have taken two important steps to further improve their sustainability commitment.

The family-run business have ordered their first batch of reusable coffee cups and also teamed up with a new supplier of plastic recycling bags.

The B&M branded coffee cups will not only be used by staff at B&M but some will also be provided to a number of customers to encourage them to reuse as well.

Disposable coffee cups have been a hot topic in the news recently due to the fact they are typically made with a plastic coating that makes them difficult to be widely recycled. The easiest way to mitigate this issue is to reduce the amount of waste in the first place.

Furthermore, B&M have introduced a closed loop recycling system for their recycling bin bags. The new supplier – Abbey Polythene – uses recycled plastic to make their bags.

And the bags are still 100% recyclable afterwards meaning less waste, better resource efficiency and reduced energy consumption and emissions when compared to manufacturing new products.

John Waight, Director of Abbey Polythene, said: “We are pleased to be the new supplier for B & M Waste Services and welcome their sustainable business practices. We encourage our customers to use recycled polythene, as this can be recycled many times over, unlike degradable or compostable polythene which is single use.”

Neil Curtis, Managing Director at B&M, said: “We believe in setting a good example when it comes to sustainable business practices. Often the smallest changes can help pave the way to making a big difference.”

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