SP Energy Networks share power safety advice for Liverpool

Tue, August 21st, 2018

With families out and about this summer in Liverpool, SP Energy Networks want...

With families out and about this summer in Liverpool, SP Energy Networks want to share a reminder of important power safety information which will help prevent injury or harm as families enjoy their holidays outdoors.

Electricity is all around us, but often the danger of power can be hidden or overlooked, so SP Energy Networks, the owner and maintainer of the overhead and underground powerlines in Liverpool, want to share their power safety top tips with families to help raise awareness of the dos and don’ts around electricity.

Last week a kite became tangled in an overhead power line near Oswestry in Shropshire. A passer-by spotted the kite and knew to alert SP Energy Networks, who could safely remove it. It was lucky that nobody was harmed, as contact with a powerline could have caused serious injury or even a fatality.

Stephen Stewart, Director at SP Energy Networks, gives his top tips on how to stay safe around electricity this summer:
• Check for overhead power lines – there are a lot of powerlines around and often the dangers they carry are unknown. When you’re fishing, putting up a tent or flying a kite or drone, be careful that you don’t hit any overhead power lines.
• Avoid playing next to a substation – if you do lose a football or toy while playing nearby, never cross the fence into the grounds of a substation. You can contact SP Energy Networks and they will retrieve it for you.
• Don’t climb poles – there are plenty of hidden dangers around power line poles. As tempting as it might look, they should only be climbed by engineers with the correct safety equipment as even a low voltage overhead line is enough to cause serious injury or death.
• Look out for the danger of death sign – the danger of death sign means just that. If you see this on any surface or area, just steer clear.
• Keep the national 105 hotline and SP Energy Networks phone numbers somewhere handy - to report a power cut, damage to power lines or anything relating to local substations, you can call the new national freephone number 105. Alternatively, you can call 0800 001 5400 to talk to SP Energy Networks directly.

If families are looking for more information on power safety, they should check out PowerWise. It’s a free, online education centre run by SP Energy Networks which aims to raise awareness of the importance of electricity. Visit powerwise.org.uk to find out more.

SP Energy Networks owns and manages overhead and underground powerlines in Southern and Central Scotland as well as Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire. For more information about SP Energy Networks and its services, visit: spenergynetworks.co.uk.

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