60 Really Useful Minutes: Public Sector Tenders – Improve Your Win Rate

60 Really Useful Minutes: Public Sector Tenders – Improve Your Win Rate

"We haven't got the time to put good bids together!""We keep losing and we don't...

"We haven't got the time to put good bids together!"

"We keep losing and we don't know why!"

"Can we achieve our growth plans by winning tenders?"

Three common statements that Courtney Tender Services hear every day from companies involved in tenders but finding them difficult to win.

What if you could remove the barriers to success and learn how to find and evaluate suitable opportunities, as well as create compelling submissions to give yourself the greatest possible chance of success?

In this session, Courtney Tender Services' resident expert, Stuart Reed, will take you through:

• How to be selective in the tenders you go for
• How to prepare for tenders and plan for success
• What to expect from the 'average' public sector tendering process
• The key do's and don'ts of tendering
• Support options available from Courtney Tender Services

To book your place either book online; email: events@liverpoolchamber.org.uk or call us on 0151 227 1234.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Courtney Tender Services have a successful track record in helping companies of all sizes to grow, by producing compliant and compelling bids for contracts from £10,000 to £45m. Lead consultant Stuart Reed has a 16-year career in bid writing, and has developed extensive knowledge around public sector procurement processes and the keys to successful tendering.

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