Certified NLP Business Practitioner Course - 7 full days

Certified NLP Business Practitioner Course - 7 full days

The ultimate personal development and soft skills training for business.

7 Full days training, Wednesday to Wednesday, with Sunday off. Or choose flexible study dates.

Talk to our expert trainer, George Cunningham, on 0151 931 5184 to discuss your training needs, or arrange a meeting at your convenince.

NLP training will help delegates show significant improvements in the following areas.

• Organisational skills, action rather than inaction
• Positive attitude and self motivation
• Confidence and control of self and feelings
• Stress Management, being happier and having fun
• Creativity

Effective Communication Skills
• Enhanced selling skills
• Understanding others and communicating in their terms
• Persuasive language patterns
• Becoming more assertive, understanding boundaries, being firm but fair
• Communicating clearly and effectively
• Improved presentations

Interpersonal Skills
• Team building and team working
• Conflict resolution
• Negotiation and persuasive skills

Emotional intelligence
• Understanding other people’s perspectives
• Managing and controlling emotional states with self and others
• Appropriately expressing feelings

Management Skills
• Coaching from ‘tell and teach’ to ‘questions and directed support’
• Delegation and risk management
• Change management
• Problem solving
• Establishing well-formed outcomes and goals

‘Meta’ Skills
• Modelling best practice
• Chunking – Bigger picture to smallest detail (and back again)

For more information see our website www.nlpliverpool.com/prac.php or email us enquiries@nlpliverpool.com

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