We Need To Talk About Skin Cancer

We Need To Talk About Skin Cancer

We Need To Talk About Skin Cancer

The North West’s leading cancer research charity is launching a special event at the end of the month to help raise awareness of the growing number of skin cancer cases in the North West.

North West Cancer Research, Incorporating Clatterbridge Cancer Research (NWCR), will hold its ‘We Need To Talk About Skin Cancer’ event on May 30 at the University of Liverpool, with the aim of helping local people understand more about skin cancer, its causes and the work being done in the region to beat it.

The North West is home to the highest number of skin cases in the UK, with an average of 858 people diagnosed with skin cancer in the region per year. (*Data taken from the National Cancer Intelligence Network 2009-2011)

NWCR currently funds skin cancer research projects in the North West, including one at the University of Liverpool with Dr Michael Cross which looks at our understanding of the effectiveness of current skin cancer treatments and how they can stop tumours reoccurring after the treatment period has finished.

The charity has also funded research at Lancaster University with Dr Sarah Allinson who is currently looking at how ultraviolet (UV) radiation (the main cause of skin cancer) damages skin cells and what defence mechanisms skin cells have to protect against this.

Emma Squibb, Research Engagement Executive at NWCR, who has organised the event, said: “Skin cancer is on the rise in the North West. With summer just around the corner and people thinking of using sun beds or lying out in the sun for hours on end, now is the perfect time to raise awareness of the harmful effects that sunbathing can have on your health.

“We hope that as many people as possible will come along to our skin cancer event and find out more about skin cancer. The more information we can give people the better when it comes to helping people protect themselves from skin cancer and recognising potential symptoms.”

NWCR’s ‘We Need to Talk About Skin Cancer’ event will take place on Friday May 30 from 1pm to 3.30pm at the University of Liverpool. It will give attendees the chance to hear from researchers and clinicians about how skin cancer affects communities in the region and the work being done to combat the rising number of skin cancer cases locally.

There will also be the chance to visit some of the laboratories and speak to scientists such as Dr Allinson and Dr Cross.

‘We Need To Talk About Skin Cancer’ is the first in a series of new informative events being organised by NWCR which will help raise awareness and understanding among local people in the North West.

The event is free, but spaces are limited, and you can book your space via the Eventbrite at http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/we-need-to-talk-about-skin-cancer-tickets-11447408507.

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