Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Meet some of the companies that have adopted a sustainable business strategy!

“LSTF helped us to build on the work we were already doing as part of our commitment to ISO14001. It is noticeable that considerably more of the team are now cycling to work, talking about their routes, the journey, the weather – it has definitely created a more sociable atmosphere. We will continue to review our action plan to see what other measures we can introduce to support staff and encourage them to take healthy, sustainable options.”

Colin Usher, John McCall Architects





“The results of the staff travel survey really helped us to focus on where we could make the most impact and the funding we received through LSTF helped us to invest in new shower facilities as well as a pool bike. The Cathedral is a key visitor attraction in the city as well as being firmly grounded in the community and this funding has allowed us to lead by example!”

Claire Hanlon

Executive Assistant to the Dean, Metropolitan Cathedral

“Our successful bid for funding under the scheme enabled us to get match funding, doubling the investment we made and allowing us to be a pilot for the organisation as a whole. LSTF literally made it happen! Developing our travel action plan also fitted perfectly with the work we did with Health@Work. Juice FM will certainly continue to champion the financial, health and environmental benefits of sustainable travel.”

Graham Sarath

Station Director, Juice FM

“As a keen competitive cyclist I didn’t need to be convinced about the benefits of cycling! As an organisation however we recognised the need to encourage more people to cycle, particularly as it can be a cheaper and more flexible way to get to work. Our investment in new shower facilities coupled with better information on the financial and health benefits will, we hope, encourage more people to get on their bikes. PS Lycra not essential!”

Gary Spengler

Chairman, Butterworth Spengler

“We had already invested in new shower facilities and the LSTF funding helped us to build on those improvements. Schemes like this really can make a difference to small businesses, cutting through the red tape and making the process as straightforward as possible.”

Steve Hunt

Managing Director, Steven A. Hunt & Associates 

“As a small but growing business the support provided by the Chamber was invaluable. In order to be competitive we need to be efficient and using the pool bike for short trips to the city centre has saved us time and money. Having a travel action plan also demonstrates our wider commitment to CSR.”

Josh Boyd

Managing Director, Orb Events

“As a leading travel agency in Liverpool we were spending a significant amount on postage and courier delivery as passports, visas and tickets often have to be delivered last minute. We launched our own bicycle courier service for local deliveries, providing a more reliable way of delivering important documents which customers really appreciate. In addition we save money on couriers and staff get a chance to exercise. The LSTF grant was incredibly helpful as it has allowed Myriad to build an onsite shower facility so staff can freshen up after a morning’s deliveries and it will also encourage more of the team to take up cycling. Thanks LSTF!”

Greg Woodley

Director, Myriad Travel

“We have several keen cyclists who enjoy commuting to work, supported by our cycle to work scheme. Having a sustainable business strategy isn’t just about reducing the impact on the environment - it can help both businesses and individuals to reduce costs and the potential health benefits are obvious. The Chamber was both responsive to our specific needs and flexible in their approach – no unnecessary bureaucracy which was great!”

Andrew Armstrong

Director, CLA

“Instead of sitting in traffic jams every day stressing I take the ferry, then ride my bike along the dock road. As a result I feel fitter, more awake and less stressed. I save money on parking, toll fees, petrol and car maintenance, it must be at least £100.00 per month. More generally people really are a lot less stressed and more health aware which has meant fewer days off.”

Chris Beer

Director, Splinter Design

"We have identified real efficiencies and savings as a result of LSTF. 40% of staff have reduced their need to travel on business purposes through the investment in IT. It has also raised awareness of sustainable travel and the importance of a healthy lifestyle and we are looking at opportunities to introduce a new programme as part of our curriculum working with primary school pupils.”

Mike Corley

Chief Executive, Liverpool Compact

“Whilst an international company with global environmental policies, we are very much rooted in the local communities where we operate, particularly in supporting our staff. We have been working with Health@Work to promote all aspects of health and wellbeing and this is now complemented by our travel action plan through which we plan to promote cycling and walking.”

Becky Cooper

HR Manager, Marriott Hotel

“The scheme worked very well for us. It provided us with financial support to improve staff facilities, which in turn helped to expand the travel options open to our staff. As a result we have significantly reduced car journeys, including business travel, and there has been an increase in the number of staff choosing to walk or cycle.”

Andrew O’Brien

Director, Acorn Storage Ltd