CRAFT© programme

The CRAFT© manufacturing support programme has been developed by The UK Manufacturing Accelerator to promote growth and develop excellence in the manufacturing sector.

To succeed in today’s national and global marketplaces, manufacturers must be connected, resourceful, ambitious, funded and tenacious.

These foundation stones of successful manufacturing growth underpin the unique CRAFT© Programme which MMC is using to develop excellence in the key areas of:



Networking & Community – with peers, broader manufacturing ecosystems, support networks & organisations

Online Strategy – overcoming the digital inertia which still sees the majority of manufacturing with an at best outmoded digital and social media strategy

Trade & General Profile – developing superior competitive recognition

All of the above developing:

Company Output: a Digital Roadmap

Broader Policy Output: raising profile of manufacturing regionally and nationally; securing additional resources for manufacturing; driving an ongoing campaign aligned to superior Industrial Policy


Apprenticeships & Training

Continuous Professional Development & Specialist Skills

Corporate Culture & Staff Development

Company Output: Skills and Development Map

Policy Output: enhanced scale, content, value and delivery of manufacturing apprenticeships; reinforcing manufacturing as national economic priority and as a career option


Structured & Continuous Innovation/R&D

Academic Engagement

Joint Venture Co-Creation

Versioning & Customisation

Company Output: Product Development Map

Policy Takeaway: R&D recast onto SMEs; 2-way commercial flow into and out of academia


Developing a more sophisticated matching of funding needs with commercial opportunities and funding options

Securing greater regional manufacturing funding

Company Output: Funding & Investment Map

Policy Takeaway: enhanced channels of capital allocation around longer-term industrial investment


Supply Chains – getting into, staying in and maximising opportunity

Public Sector Tendering

Superior Sales & Marketing

Beginning or Expanding Exports

Company Output: Sales & Marketing Map; Export Audit

Policy Output: expanded export support and increased momentum within indigenous and SME public sector supply

The CRAFT© manufacturing support programme is a copyrighted trading style of The UK Manufacturing Accelerator but is being made available, rights reserved, to the benefit of participants in this initiative.