Are you managing well?

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce are involved in an exciting research project in conjunction with youbecome®, Member Organisations and the University of Liverpool.

How effective are Liverpool businesses managing their people and retaining their customers through tough economic conditions?

The project will aim to identify how businesses are meeting the challenges presented by a difficult economic environment, how well they are motivating and maintaining employee morale and what they can do to improve this.

Employee engagement is essential for success, yet few organisations embrace this philosophy or, even if they do appreciate its importance, successfully define, measure or manage it.

Positively engaged employees will be more energetic and enthusiastic making them more productive, more enjoyable to work with and for customers to do business with.

Negatively engaged, or disengaged, employees risk having the opposite effect.

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The youbecome® Engagement Survey provides measurement in SIX areas of employee engagement:

Sample employee satisfaction report

Statistical analysis of employees’ responses provides the basis for classifying levels of engagement across the key areas. Each individual’s level of engagement is visible and importantly can be combined into workgroup or team profiles to enable group analysis of positive and negative drivers. Accurate engagement profiles then make it easier to address key opportunities for improvement and develop worthwhile action plans to better engage employees.

Employee engagement survey report example

The survey outcome will allow leaders to develop effective action plans enabling them to fulfil an employee engagement survey’s primary business purpose, which is to increase economic contribution in line with business objectives whilst ensuring employees increased engagement.

youbecome® will work with you to understand what your employees are saying, where the key areas of opportunity for improvement are and which are the good practice to be celebrated and replicated elsewhere in the organisation.

Contact Lizz Plumtree via the Chamber of Commerce on 0151 227 1234 or via email at either

Project Objectives

• Measure the current level of morale in participating businesses
• Explore what businesses are doing to manage tough economic conditions
• Understand people’s outlook for the future
• Measure how well people are managed and motivated in these businesses
• Benchmark best practices to help all UK businesses in the future


• youbecome will meet with and then complete an online study of businesses with more than 25 employees that are members of the participating Chambers of Commerce
• Respondents will not be individually identified and all information gathered will be treated in the strictest confidence and aggregated across all participating businesses

Benefits to participants

• Confidential analysis including:
 A benchmark score compared to all other participating companies
 Key strengths
 Key development needs
• Aggregated research report compiled by the local Universities invited by the Chambers of Commerce
• Invitation to a seminar looking at the overall results and possible solutions
• Opportunity to engage with youbecome’s people management expertise at preferential Chambers rates (including Customer Retention management and Sales Performance management).

    Contact Lizz Plumtree for more information on 07900 494465