Liverpool Bus Lane Suspension

Liverpool City Council has enacted the suspension of all bus lanes across the City of Liverpool for a trial period of 9 months until July 2014. We would like to invite members to give their views on the proposal and its effects on their business and employees.

The Chamber is currently conducting a survey on the effects of the bus lane suspension. To complete the survey and have your say please click here.

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The Chamber was invited by Liverpool City Council to comment on the proposal. The Chamber's response on the 7th October was as follows:

Liverpool Chamber will consult with our members and stakeholders throughout the initial six months consultation period to gain an understanding about the impact such measures are having on local businesses and their employees.

We look forward to working with the City Council in this consultative exercise to enable us to represent the views of our members and help inform the Council of the prevailing impact that the suspension of bus lanes is having.

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