Global Connect

    Enhancing  our overall portfolio of international trade services we are pleased to launch, working in conjunction with partners,  the following services:


    Market Identification Service

    Helping companies identify which are the top import/export markets for their products – HS code required

    Find full information on Market Identification here


    Market Research and Entry Services

    Designed to help companies to expand overseas with in depth market research, B2B programmes in market, event management and more..

    Find full information on Market Research and Entry Services here


    Credit Checks

    Check credit worthiness from potential or existing clients and or suppliers- this can help to avoid bad debt.

    Find full information on Credit Checks here


    International Trade Readiness Assessment

    Free online assessment to obtain a report that asses new to export/import companies and more experienced exporters internal capacity for expansion globally.

    It takes 35 minutes to complete but it will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as providing recommendations for next steps to develop a successful international trade strategy.

    Click here to find out more about this service

    Click here to complete the assessment