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"Brexit has been a huge shock to many of us, especially if like my company, 58% of your sales come from the EU excluding the UK. I believe that our exit from the EU will have immediate repercussions for my business and we will make alternative arrangements to move production to Ireland if it becomes necessary, ending more than 70 years of production in Liverpool. 

Whilst I hope this won’t be necessary it is always best to have a “Plan B”.



"We are a nation of people with a can do attitude.

I should say I was 100% in and passionate about the benefits of all working together but the people have spoken. We as small businesses, which make up the backbone of the United Kingdom spend much of our time fighting to win business and change the world with new and exciting products and we will continue to do this.

With good leadership from the top and stability from industry, confidence will grow and that’s what drives business.

There is shock in the air today but...we will see this as a new challenge which will motivate us more than you can imagine.

Don’t be frightened of change embrace it."



"We think there are 4 big opportunities:

  • (The Chamber) Presenting a central body that will put its arms around business and provides a safe haven.
  • Changing rules for export
  • A falling pound never been a better time to sell overseas
  • Whatever happens we need to support the UK economy ‘Buy British"



"My feeling is that we will be fine, most of the trade that we handle is with countries outside of the EU and we welcome the opportunity to develop this further."



"Unfortunately, I am one who is disappointed, but its important to move forward. My way of life is to never give up and work through problems.

As you say with change comes opportunity and I hope that there is already a plan and focus in place for this outcome.

The journey starts here for us all."



"I am sure we will meet the challenges in front of us, we have had a great day surfing this tidal wave today, we had our best ever day in terms of foreign currency gains and I hope we could have more days like this to come."



"If Europe and the UK are currently enjoying free trade in terms of duty implications, when is any change likely to take place? Is there a timescale? South Africa asked this morning regarding EUR1 arrangements between our nations, is this likely to change and what would the timescale be?

Last but not least we presently FISCAL clear goods in Rotterdam destined for Scotland via Grangemouth. When would that be likely to change? We are aware there is a 2 year cooling off period, but with this being relatively unexpected do we know when we can expect changes?"



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