Annual Dinner Awards 2018

We have 6 award categories in total.


Responsible Employer of the Year (over 250 employees)

Responsible Employer of the Year (under 250 employees)

In this category we will be looking for evidence of leadership and social and environmental impact as demonstrated by your organisation, either in your day to day business objectives or through a specific project. Areas to consider when applying include:

  • Promoting fairness and equality in the workplace
  • Positive and pro-active approach to development and training of staff including wider life skills e.g. financial management
  • Reducing your environmental impact
  • Measuring your social impact on both the local and wider community
  • Influencing your suppliers and customers to get them to improve their own sustainability and responsible business practices
  • Minimising the environmental, health and safety risks posed to employees and communities by opting for safe technologies, facilities and operating procedures
  • Above all demonstrating that a responsible business can be a profitable business.


Workplace Health and Wellbeing (this award is open to businesses of all sizes)

To recognise the increasing awareness around the need to support staff within the workplace. This award will look at areas including:

  • Workplace initiatives around relaxation (e.g. yoga), physical activity (e.g. active travel), mindfulness
  • Training for staff to recognise and address issues relating to physical and mental health issues, including stress related illnesses
  • Programmes to support specific groups of employees, for example those who are also carers
  • Staff benefit packages which support physical and mental health – both preventative and treatment


Exporter of the Year (this award is open to business of all sizes)

This award celebrates those businesses who have demonstrated an ability to succeed in international markets, looking at export sales growth and consistency. Whether you are a dynamic entrepreneur or start-up, a successful SME or a large company operating globally we want to be able to showcase your achievements. We are looking at those businesses who can demonstrate:


  • An increase in sales through exporting
  • Significant growth or expansion overseas
  • Innovation in products and services
  • Demonstrable company commitment to international business
  • Ethical and sustainable exporting models


Digital and Technology (this award is open to businesses of all sizes)

This category covers a diverse range of topics but we feel there is a lot to celebrate in the Liverpool city region and we want to acknowledge the most innovative, creative and successful entrepreneurs, engineers, innovators and investors in our burgeoning digital and technology sectors. Open to a start-up or an established company and covering issues as diverse as clean energy, ultra-low emission transport, biotechnology and material science to innovative mobile apps, website development, e-commerce and digital marketing. Can be sector based or have wider applications. Entries should demonstrate how they meet each of three key criteria:

  • Innovation: does your project offer a unique and innovative solution?
  • Scalability: does it have the potential to reach a significant market?
  • Demonstrable success: can you demonstrate quantifiable benefits?


Local Hero

Positive change is often driven by the enthusiasm, passion and tenacity of one person, challenging processes and procedures, motivating colleagues and getting the senior team on board. Through this category therefore we want to celebrate those individuals who have gone over and above the call of duty! The award recognises individuals whose actions often go unnoticed or unrecognised. In nominating your “local hero” we would like you to tell us:

  • Brief details of the specific project or initiative?
  • Any internal or external barriers which had to be overcome and how they tackled this?
  • The personal qualities they have demonstrated in driving forward the project or initiative?


How to enter the Awards

All entries must be submitted no later than 5pm on Thursday 20 September 2018. For more details on how to enter contact