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Tue, October 22nd, 2019

Team Oasis is a beautiful little Charity based right at the heart of the...

Team Oasis is a beautiful little Charity based right at the heart of the Toxteth Community of Liverpool. Our Charity was established in 2003 with the aim of offering inclusive opportunities for children and young people of all abilities and circumstances to engage together in a variety of activities and projects. We believe that promoting activities that engage children/youngsters in exciting, adventurous activities with others that might have a particular disability bares much universal fruit. Friendships blossom, mutual respect abounds and of course we like to think that we have a major impact on diverting young people away from the prevalent negative influences that can make it so difficult for young people these days. From early numbers attending of just eight children, Team Oasis now has approximately three hundred children attending each week.

Ultimately our vision would be to create an environment where all children, young people of all abilities and their families can live, share, play, learn and socialise in a totally inclusive environment of collective learnedness, awareness, understanding and respect for all. What an achievement this is especially as it blossoms into future generations.

Considering this vision it is not unreasonable, in my opinion, to consider Team Oasis, although a local and totally inclusive Children’s Charity to be the foremost such Charity in the UK. A bold statement but one which I, and others who are aware of our service, consider to be valid.

Although our Registered office is as stated as The Turner Home, Dingle, L8 9RN; Team Oasis delivers 95% of its activities, projects and programmes at our 'Happy Days' activity centre at 121-125 Parkhill Rd, Dingle, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 4RN. Our activity centre is located right at the heart of a community that is recorded on The National Index of Multiple Deprivation as being in the top 1%.

We are dedicated to delivering activities that engage all children and young people of all abilities in each and every activity that we deliver this has resulted in an absolutely beautiful environment that sees non-disabled children and young people playing and learning alongside children and young people that might have a physical disability and others that will have various special needs. Whilst 100% of children and young people attending Team Oasis would be designated as living in poverty, disadvantaged and living with deprivation, approximately 50% of these would be considered as physically disabled, designated as living with special needs and/or living with mental health challenges.

Team Oasis has a proud record of engaging with children and young people at a very young age and encouraging them and supporting them to seek positive futures. So many of these young people have surpassed all of their own expectations and, indeed, the expectations of their families. So many have achieved through School, progressed onto further education, college and University. We now have ex-Team Oasis kids in almost every profession throughout commerce, emergency services, finance, law, dance, drama, teaching and we can say without fear of contradiction that once a young person joins Team Oasis then they never look back and would never ever be expected to consider the negative pathways that might well have entrapped them without our intervention. Another fab bonus is that the Team Oasis way of not tolerating swearing or bullying and respecting oneself and others is very often carried home by the children and does change the attitude of their families for the better.

Team Oasis was founded in Toxteth and continues to deliver its services in this community. Toxteth is listed as having the highest rate of child poverty in the UK. Quite simply, there is no other ward in the whole of the UK that has worse statistics for crime, poverty and all associated issues than the area in which our Charity works. Therefore, our work serves groups experiencing social and economic disadvantage. We also support children, young people and adults with disability. Collectively our work certainly benefits communities of severe and multiple disadvantages. Our core objective over the years has included educating the masses regarding disability, thereby building awareness, understanding and removing barriers to children of all abilities growing together.

Obviously, you will be very familiar with the challenges faced by a community such as ours here in Toxteth therefore I just thought that you might like to hear of the amazing successes that we have delivered over these past eighteen months.

Team Oasis has always been recognised as being one of the Uk’s foremost totally inclusive children’s charities. We actively promote and champion inclusion designing our promotion and marketing in a way that parents understand that we totally believe in the benefits of inclusion. It has been our forever ambition to achieve a culture across our community where inclusion is the norm. To a very great extent we certainly do this amazingly well and as we introduce even more inclusive activities into our centre and across our city that are massively visible to the populous then we believe that our vision/ethos becomes the norm for all.

Right now we deliver sessions in football, ballet dance, modern dance and drama. We also have a film-making and photography division which we call ‘Oasis Creative’. We also have lessons in sign language and a BSL Signing Choir. Team Oasis also deliver 4 afternoons of After School clubs, a pensioners cabaret club, an ECO Gardening Group that has its own allotment. We also have singing classes and two self-defence classes (KUDO and BJJ). We also deliver a fabulous multi-sports project which works alongside our ‘Young Liverpool’ project and both of these projects include discussion and action around young persons mental health, social isolation, academics, drugs, crime, gun/knife culture, homelessness and careers. We have an exceedingly popular Parent and Toddler Group plus day trips, camping and mini holidays. I am absolutely thrilled to bits and proud as punch that in this past 12 months Team Oasis has been approved as one of only two ‘non-school based’ organisations in our city that is authorised to deliver the world renowned ‘DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARDS PROGRAM’. In addition to this, amazingly Team Oasis is now an approved organisation to deliver the fabulous ERASMUS PROJECT, with young people across Europe engaging together and experiencing the cultures of their various cities. Team Oasis shall be hosting two groups of young people from Sweden and Ireland respectively. This will be reciprocated this year with young people from our community visiting both Sweden and Ireland. Future years will involve other EU countries.

Notwithstanding that all of this is totally inclusive, one can only imagine the awesome benefits to our young people. The DofE and Erasmus projects fit perfectly into our dedication to ensuring that our young people explore cultural and historic learning. To this end our young people enjoyed a tour of the House of Commons via an invite from our MP, Dame Louise Ellman. They have also visited many museums, art galleries, Ramskappel Commonwealth War Graves and many other historic/cultural centres.

Awesome Stuff And Wonderfully Good News For children, Young People and All In Dingle, Toxteth and The Whole Of Our Fabulously Artistic City Region.

Multi-Media Suite.

I am delighted to announce that The Weston Foundation 60th Anniversary Fund have funded the establishment of a fabulous ‘state of the art’ Multi Media Suite at our Team Oasis ‘Happy Days’ Activity Centre in Dingle. Their fabulous donation of £150,000.00 has not only created a fabulous Multi-media suite, it will also enable Team Oasis to purchase a brand new minibus plus a much needed minivan. Our Multi Media Suite will consist of a professional recording studio, Film-making Editing Suite, Photo Editing Suite and an internet radio station. This brand new facility will open in November and will create amazing opportunities for all of the hundreds of children and young people that attend team oasis each week as well as hundreds more from around our community. This awesome semi-professional suite will also be offered to other local community groups, schools, local bands and artists.. Its going to be mega for all involved or simply interested in the creative arts.

This is a major addition to the vast range of activities that Team Oasis has been delivering over these past 16 years. Can you imagine the impact on so many young lives having the opportunity to record their own songs, try their hand at film-making and photography and even learning the basics of radio presenting. Hey, obviously I would hope that we can discover the next major local radio presenter.

It would be fabulous if this brilliant new service for the children and young people in south Liverpool could be promoted. Team Oasis would be delighted to assist in any way with promoting our Multi Media Suite.

Team Oasis Young People Representing Liverpool In Sweden. (The Erasmus Project)

Team Oasis is delighted to inform you that we have eight local young people representing Liverpool as part of the international Erasmus Project in Sweden from the 26th October 2019 for one week.

Our young people will be joined by similar groups from Sweden and Ireland. Collectively they shall be filming a short documentary highlighting the dangers of smoking. This is such an amazing opportunity for these eight young people from Toxteth and Dingle. Team Oasis has two professional film-makers in its team of leaders and thanks to their creative media projects over these past couple of years, Team Oasis was selected as the perfect fit for this project.

Team Oasis will be hosting this international contingent in February 2020 in Liverpool in order to finalise the project. All amazing stuff.

It would be fabulous if we could have this amazingly GOOD NEWS story promoted.

Team Oasis would be delighted to assist in any way.

Ten Local Toxteth/Dingle Young People Achieve Their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award With Team Oasis Children’s Charity

Team Oasis is delighted to share this fabulous good news. In September 2019, Team Oasis had ten of our local young people achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Each of these young people are now moving onto their DofE Silver Award. A further twelve young people will be joining us to begin their DofE journey at Bronze to be achieved by June 2020.

Being the only, ‘non-school’ based approved Duke of Edinburgh Award Organisation in South Liverpool, Team Oasis is delighted to bring this opportunity to the amazing young people of all abilities, backgrounds and circumstances.

And Now Our Future Plans

Camp Oasis – A vision to establish a holiday respite centre in Spain offering FREE holidays to the most needy Liverpool Children and Carer’s.

New Activity Centre (The Paradise Centre). Was flagged up in 2008 when Team Oasis had a footfall of 960 cyp each week. After discussion it was suggested that we could do with our own, purpose built and bespoke activity centre.

Alternative Education (Team Oasis Academy). On the lines of an Independent Free School serving Childrenat risk of bullying. Small class sizes.

Farm in North Wales or Lancashire. Just building on the obvious benefits for children of associating with animals, it would be lovely if we could establish a farm type environment but not an actual working farm obviously.

Team Oasis is an amazing Children’s Charity delivering genuinely truly life enhancing change to hundreds of extremely needy children, young people and families every year. Serving such desperate need requires a massive amount of dedication and support. Our team are here delivering this dedication and compassion every day. That’s seven days each week, fifty weeks of the year opening up opportunities, encouraging, supporting and inspiring aspiration in our children and young people of all abilities. It is an amazing charity, with amazing leaders and tremendous volunteers but we do need support to maintain our services and then to strive into the future daring to dream about building a brand new activity centre, a holiday respite centre in Spain for the most needy children and carer’s, establishing a mini animal farm in North Wales, Cheshire or Lancashire and maybe finally create a learning facility for pupils that may suffer with bullying.

If you believe that Team Oasis is the Charity for you then I would be delighted to hear from you.

With my kindest regards,

Paul Nilson
D: 07985534784
O: 0151 728 8777

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Team Oasis

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