Five minutes with the Technical Manager of Inciner8

Thu, January 9th, 2020

Matt Brennan, from Inciner8 discusses his responsibilities as Technical Manager

Matt Brennan, technical sales manager at Inciner8

What does a typical day look like?
Inciner8’s core products are supplied for the thermal treatment of animal, medical and general waste, burning anywhere between 10kg through to 1,000kgs per hour.

Typically, my day to day role looks at unique opportunities to help our customers manage non-standard waste streams, supporting them to drive initiatives which improve environmental compliance, reduce waste and create cost savings.

I’m constantly seeking to understand more about our clients’ current waste streams, the health and safety implications this might have on their teams or the environment, and the costs associated with their current method of disposal. I then try to provide a return on investment calculation, providing clarity on our value proposition and the role incinerators can play in streamlining their waste management operations.

What changes would you like to see to improve your sector?
Collaboration is key to improving the globe’s overall waste management issue, so we must ensure our sector continues to move forward and prove why incineration plays a key role in that process.

We must teach everyone, at a young age, to reduce, reuse and recycle, instilling this across families, workplaces and communities, and then providing the tools for efficient, safe destruction of any remaining waste left behind.

There is an abundance of technical knowledge and experience within our sector which can be used to create methods of incineration that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly. I believe that a collaborative process, which ensures the end user can harness our supply chain to access viable waste management solutions, will see our sector advance faster than it is, and see us play a major part in resolving one of the world’s biggest, current challenges.

How might exporting change in the near and distant future?
We all see the images and videos of waste being tipped in third world countries, into the sea, or even open-pit-burning of waste. I really hope that globally, we take a large look at our waste footprint and start to make personal pledges to the reduction, reuse and recycle process to protect all our futures.

As a global exporter, it’s fulfilling to know that Inciner8 makes a great contribution to waste management across multiple continents, but there is so much more that we can do.

As we start to roll out our waste to energy capability, we should see this system sent for export soon. Areas of interest have arrived from Indian Ocean islands where power supplies are scarce. It’s all very exciting!

What advice would you give yourself as a teenager?
I started my career as a Royal Navy submariner, in the Marine Engineering department. Now, I manage business development and a sales process.

My advice to the younger generation entering the start of their careers is to not worry if you’ve not completely made sense of your career aspirations yet. If you find yourself in this position, take opportunities for work experience in different fields to figure out where your path might take you. It is far more beneficial to do this than decline an opportunity for fear of failing or thinking it might not be for you. Because you might just end up loving it!

Where would we find you on your day off?
I’m keen to keep as fit and active as possible when on leave. I’m also a father, and I seize every opportunity to make good family memories.

I feel passionate about management in waste, and I bring that message back into my home and community, encouraging reuse and recycling.

Best career advice?
I was taught the STAR principle, and I use it in day to day decision making whether at work or at home. It works for anyone in business development or in charge of improving operations. It stands for ‘stop, think, act, review’.

When assessing your current processes or potential next steps, ‘stop’ – ask yourself, ‘why do I need to do this activity, or operate in this way?’. Then, ‘think’ – should I challenge the status quo? Could things be done more efficiently or smarter? ‘Act’ – begin to introduce the changes that are making a positive contribution, then ‘review’ – step back and ask yourself if the changes implemented have provided inter-business benefits.

Who or what has inspired you in your career?
I think I was influenced by my father in my career decisions. My Armed Forces background stemmed from a disciplined family environment; my father spent a career in the Police, and my brother also joined the Armed Forces. That experience has really shaped me into the person I am today, providing me with the motivation and confidence to believe I could achieve anything I wanted if I had the drive and enthusiasm to get going.

Why choose Liverpool City region?
Our business is a local company with connections to the city through our staff and suppliers. We’re passionate about sourcing the best local talent, and we constantly strive to provide employment and development opportunities for the local area.

Additionally, Liverpool has a heritage in importing and exporting and to this day, Inciner8 uses these facilities to develop our international connections, ensuring any revenue generated from these ventures is invested back into our local community.

How did it feel to recently win a Liverpool Chamber award?
Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce is the premier business association in Liverpool. To be awarded the Exporter of the Year award is very humbling, and to be recognised as a significant contributor in the Liverpool region amongst many applications is such a great honour.

Liverpool has many thriving businesses, delivering goods and services not only in the UK, but internationally also. It’s fantastic that we’re associated with L&S chambers, the area’s success story gives us pride and we look forward to building on that to continue putting Liverpool on the map, for international and export purposes.

Alex Billingsley, marketing manager at Inciner8, also said:

“To be recognised by an established organisation like Liverpool Chamber as a company which contributes to the exporting prowess of the region is a landmark occasion for us.

“We’ve developed a range of market-leading incinerators that remain at the forefront of British manufacturing, and which are designed to meet international challenges and regulations head-on. Doing so has meant we have become one of the most respected names in global waste management solutions, with a diverse international client portfolio who trust us implicitly.”

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