Brexit: The End of the Beginning?

Fri, January 31st, 2020

Liverpool Chamber Chief Exec responds to the UK's official departure from the EU

In response to the UK's official exit from the European Union, Liverpool Chamber Chief Executive, Paul Cherpeau said:

The commencement of today's formal exit from the European Union heralds the end of a tortuous and tumultuous period in our political history.

Businesses have watched with frustration as the constant battles have been fought between politicians over highly emotive and populist rhetorical issues, frequently at the expense of genuine consideration of the practical implications for business operations in the post-Brexit world.

Today marks the end of the beginning of this process. We now know we are definitely leaving the EU and we have a short period of time of relative calm and continuity. It is now essential that our government prioritises the attainment of a clear and practical agreement with the European Union that avoids a no-deal exit at the end of the year.

We need a deal that is clear, robust and one that unlocks our trading potential with the rest of the world.

Businesses need some clarity from the Government before the summer on exactly what the Brexit deal will look like. Only then will we fully appreciate and prepare for the changes to customs, trade, immigration and the multitude of other issues that businesses are facing.

The Chambers of Commerce will continue to provide insight and intelligence for our members throughout the transitional period and beyond the formal establishment of the new trading relationship with the EU. The Brexit Business Hub is your central resource to help businesses prepare for the new trading environment and we will ensure the provision of suitable workshops, seminars and guidance notes to ensure our members are prepared.

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