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25th Jan 2024 / 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

7 Harrington Street Chambers Employment Law Department Launch Seminar

7 Harrington Street Chambers, L2 9YH or online via Teams

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By: 7 Harrington Street Chambers

Peter Harthan will present a 45 minute seminar entitled “Protection for Religion and Philosophical Belief in the workplace”. Members of the 7HS Employment Law team will be on hand to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have.

This is the first of a series of 7HS Employment Seminars to offer informative talks on current issues and answer any specific questions Solicitors may have. Questions and any suggestions for topics may be emailed to

7HS Employment Seminar 1;

‘Protection for Religion and Philosophical Belief in the Workplace’ – Peter Harthan

How to solve the Middle East? Brexit? What about Donald Trump? What is a Woman? None of these questions will be answered in the course of this presentation, but whether it is the fault of social media, importation of America’s Culture Wars or Brexit many employers are having to manage a workplace with employees who hold very different beliefs and see their beliefs as an important part of their identity. What balance is to be struck between s.10 Equality Act 2010 protection of a belief where others consider expression of that same belief discriminatory, hurtful and offensive? Which beliefs are in, and which beliefs are out? This presentation will consider recent caselaw – Meade v Westminster and Social Work England, Corby v ACAS, Forstater v CGD, Page v Lord Chancellor – and interpretation of the 5 Grainger principles as to the meaning of philosophical belief under s.10 EqA. The presentation will give legal analysis and practical advice as to management of such issues in the workplace.

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