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8th Feb 2023 / 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

BCC Accredited – Customs Compliance & Rules of Origin

Online training course

£250 (Members)
£300 (Non-members)

By: Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

This 1 day course covers the basic aspects of Customs Compliance and Rules of Origin.It gives delegates THE OPTION to do an assessment (£24 added to the cost of the course) with two credits towards the BCC Foundation in International Trade.

This course is a reviewed and updated version of
previous courses designed to help you to understand
current topics discussed in the international arena:

  • Are you sure that you will survive a Customs Audit?
  • Do you comply under the New Customs Rule?
  • Implications of origin and the use of Preferential
    documents –UK EUR1 & ATA carnets
  • Implications of Global Free Trade Agreements and
    how to benefit from them
  • Import VAT and import declarations
  • Rules of Origin and percentage rule with practical examples

Special attention is given to the completion of Import Declarations.

This course is planned to take place online via ZOOM, we will send details closer to the time.