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22nd Jun 2022 / 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

BCC Accredited – Customs Compliance & Rules of Origin

Online Training Course

£230 (Members)
£280 (Non-members)

By: Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

This 1 day course covers the basic aspects of Customs Compliance and Rules of Origin. It gives delegates two credits towards the BCC Foundation in International Trade.

This course is a reviewed and updated version of previous courses designed to help you to understand current topics discussed in the international arena:

  • Are you sure that you will survive a Customs Audit?
  • Do you comply under the New Customs Rule?
  • Implications of origin and the use of Preferential
    documents –UK EUR1 & ATA carnets
  • Implications of Global Free Trade Agreements and
    how to benefit from them
  • Import VAT and import declarations
  • Rules of Origin and percentage rule with practical examples

Special attention is given to the completion of Import Declarations.