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26th Jan 2022 / 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Civic Data Coop Presents: What’s Your Problem?

Liverpool City Region, Zoom

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By: Civic Data Cooperative

Hosted by Mark Shayler

By better understanding the public sector’s biggest challenges, we can better design new products and services that meet them, together.

Civic Data Group would like to invite you to their upcoming launch event and give you the opportunity to work with them to better understand and, more clearly define the public sector problems that ‘innovators’ are being asked to solve. By bringing together businesses and the voluntary sector with the people who’ve studied, or actually been working within these problems, we can explore deeper and develop more fit-for-purpose solutions, together.

They’ve researched and listened uncovering what is impacting the people of Liverpool City Region the most. So, the Civic Data Cooperative want to start by helping with:

  • Reducing childhood asthmas through better environments and awareness
  • Increasing family support to stop children entering the care system
  • Making digital feel doable in Local Authority social care teams.

The Event

This event won’t be your usual format. Sure, it’s about creativity in public service products and services but we’ve listened to what innovators (businesses and the voluntary) and the public
sector have told us. Therefore, we’ve decided to shift the format away from being a brainstorm, or traditional hackathon. Instead of coming up with ideas straight away, we want you to spend
some time with us getting deeper under the skin of the problems we’ve raised.

We’ve asked leaders in the public sector about their stickiest issues, and they have offered their time and expertise to work through them with us on the day. This is the opportunity to take the time to ask the big questions of those in the know, whether that’s about opportunities that come from those problems or the barriers they and you are facing (whether that’s adoption,
integration, or growth).

Your Host

Mark helps big companies think like small ones, and small companies think like big ones.

He works on innovation of products, services and business models, encouraging sustainability and company purpose through his continued coaching.

He has saved his clients in excess of £140 million per annum through environmental improvements, has increased sales of products by 8000% by introducing circular economy
business models, and trained over 2000 people in sustainability.

With an impressive list of clients including Nike, Coca-Cola, John Lewis and Unilver, Mark also acted as the lead for the RSA Great Recovery Programme of Economy and was once the Head
of Environment for ASDA.