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18th Jul 2023 / All Day

Courtney Recruitment – Snowdon

Start time 8.30am - Llanberis

Free (Members)

By: Courtney Recruitment

We are walking the Llanberis path to the top of Snowdon, and we are aiming to raise £700 (hopefully more) between 6 of us, for Alder Hey Children’s hospital.

It is a charity we all hold close and want to do our part for through this event. We are aiming it to anyone who wants to help towards this cause, businesses, people, groups etc.

The team want to set off early morning to hit the summit around mid-day. We will document our trip along the way keeping our social media audience up to date (keep an eye out for us).

The route we are taking is the Llanberis a path, a scenic but hard route that summits the tallest mountain in Wales. Snowdon is known for its rugged terrain and sometimes unforgiving conditions, and this is why we have decided to take this on as a challenge, it is something that will test the mental and physical strength of all involved.

Dan Martindale (Business development manager at Courtney recruitment):

“It’s a good cause we are doing it for, so why not? It will be a great challenge for all of us especially with Alder Hey in mind when we are doing it”.

Elaine Courtney (Company director at Courtney Recruitment):

“Alder Hey means a lot to so many people, and to me personally. I’m very grateful for Alder Hey, we are so lucky to have such a phenomenal service on our doorstep, so fundraising for them is a privilege! To know that any funds we raise could go towards life-saving equipment such as that used for heart surgery, or incubators, or towards the cost of a resident entertainer to bring smiles to the little patients faces, or towards a Sensory Room for example, just gives us further inspiration!”.

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