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21st Sep 2023 / 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Creating your marketing strategy with ChatGPT (ONLINE EVENT)

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By: Liverpool John Moores University

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can inform your marketing strategy.

This online workshop explains what ChatGPT is and how it can help you find “PICE”. Personas: Influencers: Content: Engagement. The workshop is split into 4 activities covering the PICE framework.

The workshop will explain what PICE is and will help you to get started with creating your marketing strategy. The focus is on creating personas who are an example of your ideal customer, understanding which influencers already have your ideal customer as an audience, what content to create to attract them and what metrics you can use to measure the engagement and success.

Activity 1

Learn who’s interested in your product or services, then let ChatGPT know who this person is and ask it to tell you what area they live in, their age and their vocation. Find out what interests them, their behaviours, their motivations and their challenges. Once you have this information you can:

Tasks for the AI

1. Ask ChatGPT what interests you should create on Facebook/Instagram Ads.

2. Ask ChatGPT to create a questionnaire to validate your assumptions from the Personas activity.

3. Ask ChatGPT to create a storyboard of your customer based on what they have already suggested and recommended

Activity 2

Find the people (Influencers) who already have the audience of your target personas, then let ChatGPT help you understand who they are how you can reach them and pitch to them.

Tasks for the AI

1. Ask ChatGPT to tell you where to find influencers

2. Ask ChatGPT to tell you how you can pitch them with an outreach email.

Activity 3

Learn what type of content to create to try and engage with the personas. Let ChatGPT suggest keywords, topics, themes to talk about, content creation, briefs, outlines and promotion.