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24th Sep 2021 / 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Health Equality and Business in the Liverpool City Region

The Spine Building, 2 Paddington Village

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By: Liverpool Chamber

The COVID pandemic has shone a spotlight on the in-equal health outcomes of the UK and has shown that those locations of high poverty and deprivation have been hardest hit by the pandemic and had worse outcomes than other areas.

Liverpool City Region is familiar with this story, one of the reasons we have such a prominence of high-level health institutions and knowledge centres is exactly because the health outcomes here are so challenging.

So what are we doing about it and how can business and innovation lead the city region’s levelling up?

Join this panel event as we explore how our city region is leading on changing health outcomes.

Key questions:

  • How is the innovation, technology and investment around health care impacting on the lives of Liverpool residents and how will this impact the region’s future health outcomes?
  • How can businesses enable the city’s health inequality to be addressed by their own practice?
  • Post pandemic, what can we do to effect real change in the future?
  • What are the practical next steps?
  • How can the business community engage with and champion the approach?

We will hear from leaders in health across adult and children provision as well as from those involved in innovation and research, technology and investment.

Our Event Speakers Include:

Colin Sinclair – Chief Executive, Sciontec

Janine Melia-Moran – Centre Manager, Rutherford Cancer Centre

Claire Liddy – MD of Innovation, Alder Hey




Emma Lord – Health Director, Capacity

Professor Cheng Hock-Toh – Professor and Consultant in Haematology, Royal College of Physicians

For more information on our speakers, visit our Twitter page: