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1st Dec 2023 / 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

HELP! I need to make sales calls!

Hotel Pullman Liverpool King's Dock Liverpool L3 4FP

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By: 6th Door

Hate making sales calls but need to drive new business? This course will fill you with confidence & make powerful, engaging B2B cold calls.


About this event

This is a hands on, intercactive sales course with 6th Door Ltd. You’ll learn the psychology behind opening a sales call with impact, create your own script and then – make real sales calls with coach Chris Dawson. Want to book more qualified meetings? Want to make sales calls but don’t know the right appoach? Always getting stuck at ‘just send me an email’ or ‘I’m not interested’ objections to your calls? Book on for this fun, fascinating and comfort zone pushing morning! *all delegates must bring their phone, charger and GDPR complinat data to call.