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5th Jul 2023 / 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

How to Align Your Corporate Fundraising with Corporate Donors ESG

The Women's Organisation 54 Saint James Street Liverpool L1 0AB

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By: Be Ethical Training

Learn how to align your fundraising strategy with corporate donor’s ESG commitments

What is the course about?

Explaining ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and how you can you align your charity programme with a corporate donor’s ESG commitments to speak their language and increase corporate income.

By the end of the course participants would have gained knowledge in:

  1. Demystify ESG using a mainstream approach
  2. Identifying ESG activities aligned with charity services
  3. Identifying ESG charity services that align with commercial ESG goals and commitments
  4. Using commercial language and messaging to propose corporate support

Who is the course for?

Fundraisers and Heads of Fundraising who are looking to develop their current and new corporate partner relationships and increase support.

Corporate Fundraisers and Fundraising Managers who want to increase their specialist knowledge, fundraisers who have corporate fundraising within their role and want to learn more and anyone managing or assisting with corporate partnerships.

What will I learn?

  • Understanding how to align charity services with ESG.
  • Feeling confident to use commercial messaging when promoting ESG to corporate donors.
  • Awareness of how important reporting is for ESG for the corporate donor and addressing this as part of the charity support.
  • Understand how to research corporate donor ESG credentials and align future services with these needs.

About Your Trainer – Be Ethical

Over 15 years working in employee engagement, communications and sustainability roles for large and small family-owned organisations. Be Ethical Training was founded By Caroline Swailes & Heather de Groot in 2020 in response to engaging the workforce to understand and take ownership of their role in securing our planet’s and society’s future.

Be Ethical Training offers employee training and consultancy services to support SMEs in structuring and formalising sustainability activities utilising an ESG approach.

Is there any pre-course work or exercises to complete prior to training?

Consider the top 3 donors, and review their social and environmental commitments (only look on websites and socials for evidence, if it’s not here then don’t seek out)

Is there any support after the course?

One-hour Zoom call two weeks post-event to share findings and review offers.

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