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6th Mar 2023 / 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

How to Create the Perfect Pitch

Location: Hardman House Hardman Street Liverpool L1 9AS

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By: Liverpool John Moores University

Enter the Dragon’s Den if you dare! In this workshop you will learn from someone who survived the Den and came out with an investment.

Some say delivering the perfect business pitch is all about confidence and passion, but it isn’t. A great pitch follows four simple steps. Using this structure your pitch will sound credible, professional and flow beautifully. Similarly, successful adverts use just three basic ingredients to deliver their messages.

In the first hour, you’ll see why only some adverts are likely to influence their target customers and how you can create messages which are most likely to engage your future customers.

In the second hour, you can choose to put your newly learnt pitching skills to the test in “Enter the Dragons” – where we recreate Dragons’ Den, with our very own panel of investors.

We end the session by exploring how to network and the tips and techniques you can use to make networking so much easier and more successful.

This may be one of the most useful business workshops you’ll ever attend. In one enjoyable afternoon, you’ll learn some vital skills you can use throughout your life.

The workshop will be delivered by Peter Hill, also known as “Peter the Speaker”. You may recognise Peter from having successfully pitched on Dragons’ Den. When Peter started up he had questions no one was able to answer: Will people buy my products? How do I pitch my ideas? Am I doing the right things to be successful? During his business journey, he found the answers, but he used the questions to create the presentations and workshops he wishes he could have seen before he set up his first business.