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13th Nov 2022 - 14th Nov 2022 / All Day

Microsoft Excel VBA & Power Query (2 Days Fully Funded Training)

Cohort 16 - Online Training

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By: SquareOne Training


Zero cost to you/your business, thanks to the ‘Be More’ funding.
Courses available at our Wirral site or online.
2 days in total.

✔️ Business based in Liverpool City Region
✔️ Aged 16 & over
✔️ Haven’t received ‘Be More’ funding the past


What is VBA?

Macros can automate just about any task – like generating customised charts and reports or tidying up data and improving data input using Forms. Aimed at experienced users of Microsoft Office, this course will look to transform your skills to an advanced level and learn how to confidential create and edit Macros using VBA coding. We can offer a 2-day course on this.

If you only need Macros to tidy up data, then we will be showing a lower level of this course and offering a 1-day course on VBA and how to record and edit Macros and Forms and 1 day on Power Query.

What is Power Query?

Excel users can spend up to 80 percent of their time on data preparation. Each week or daily people download data and then tidy it up. By using Power Query, you will learn how to seamlessly access data stored in various sources, connect them, and reshape the data in it to transform ready for analysis. Power Query will remember the steps you have used and allow you to reuse these without the need for VBA coding.

  • Learn how to setup connections to various data sources
  • Pre-process data by cleaning up data, adding columns, filtering, sorting, and changing orders
  • Present the data in Excel or Export to Power BI

More course dates are available, for more information click here