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28th Jun 2023 / 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Sour Grapes x Gaucho Liverpool

7 Water St, Liverpool L2 0RD

£25 (Members)
£25 (Non-members)

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By: Gaucho Liverpool

With a lot of talk about ‘tannins’ and ‘terroir’, the wine world can seem intimidating, as folks in the wine business have an especially developed way of talking about their passion.

Luckily, our sommelier-led wine-tasting event Sour Grapes, falls on the more informal side, one where you tend to drink a lot of wine across a delightfully boozy evening.

As the days get warmer, the much-loved Rosé is reclaiming its status as a summertime staple. Join us on Wednesday 28th June at 6pm for a true moment of bliss and taste four glasses of light and refreshing Rosé with flavours sweet and subtle as a perfumed love-letter, all paired with delicious small bites.

Rest assured, you can never go wrong with a Rosé.