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25th Jan 2023 / 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Spark Ideas: 8 Wise Ways to manage the impact of S.A.D this Winter!

Cotton Exchange, Bixteth Street, Liverpool L3 9LQ (see map)

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By: Ubiquity PR

Learn about the major causes of winter blues and S.A.D and how you can prevent future episodes for yourself and others.

This Lunch and Learn will teach you about the major causes of winter blues and S.A.D and how you can prevent future episodes for yourself and others. The course is proactive and you can expect to change your behaviour and your patterns of thinking.

Using the 8 Wise approach to better mental health and wellbeing you will learn:

How Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues are triggered
How to manage the symptoms to overcome it
How to implement effective strategies to prevent it
This session is ideal for anyone who suffers from seasonal affective disorder or wants to learn more about seasonal affective disorder to look after their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of others.

The interactive session also explores how hidden hyperventilation causes poor concentration, mood swings, stress, anxiety, low energy and respiratory symptoms! The effects on productivity are obvious.

Plus, there are lots of hints, tips and hacks to help change our state through the same tools we use for focus and concentration.

And, breathwork for coping strategies and improved productivity.

All designed to enhance and elevate your physical, mental and emotional state for winter.

About our speakers

Kim Rutherford –

Kim Rutherford is a psychotherapist, author, speaker, podcast host and the creator of the 8Wise™ Method for better mental health and wellbeing. Through her consultancy business and private practice she supports executives, senior leaders and organisations to mentally and physically thrive by developing healthier happier minds and an improved quality of life.

Joel Jelen –

Joel Jelen is the founder of Sniff, Sigh, Yawn, a ‘wellbeing at work’ company with a specialism in breathwork.

Joel’s knowledge of holistic health spans three decades and he is a Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International, a breathing education collective of highly experienced global practitioners. As a collective, they work with large and medium sized corporations heavily investing in workplace wellbeing strategies and practices to not only help retain people, but to also help enhance their experience, performance and satisfaction at work.

Joel works alongside Kim in providing a functionally fit wellbeing strategy for dramatically boosting performance, vitality and productivity both within and outside of the workplace.