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26th Apr 2023 / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

UK Certificates of Origin and UK EUR1S Step-by-Step Workshop

Online training course

£100 (Members)
£150 (Non-members)

By: Liverpool Chamber

UK Certificates of Origin are issued by Chambers of Commerce and used as documentary evidence to show where goods being exported from the UK were originally manufactured.

This document is used for non-preferential purposes and can be required for different reasons: Customs clearance – where the importing country might have in place quotas, anti-dumping policies, sanctions, etc; Customs authorities requirement to determine any tariffs rates; Requirement for a Letters of Credit, etc.

UK EUR1s are preferential documents used by importers to claim preferential rates of duty and benefit from UK trade agreements with third countries.

The rules to complete these forms are strict and errors will incur delays and possible additional costs. This workshop will go through the UK Certificate of Origin box-by-box to help you understand common errors and the correct information that should be entered and will cover the differences between UK CoO and EUR1s and what you need to know to successfully apply for both of these.

We will cover:

  • What is a Certificate of Origin
  • What is a UK EUR1 form
  • The different pages and copies
  • Step-by-Step review of each box and expected information
  • Review of common mistakes and exceptions
  • How to apply for a UK Certificate of Origin

This course is designed for beginners or experienced exporters looking to refresh their knowledge.

Payment Terms

Please note payment must be made in full before the course.

Cancellation Terms

In case you are no longer able to attend this training course, please note you must cancel your place at least 5 working days before the course. The cancellation must be in writing and sent to indicating the name of the course you are cancelling for and delegate(s) details. If a booking is not cancelled and the delegate does not attend, full event costs will still apply.

Registration deadline: 21/04/2023