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4th Aug 2023 - 5th Aug 2023 / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Who’s Afraid of M!key Garland?

Venue: Shakespeare North Playhouse

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£3 (Non-members)

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By: ArtsGroupie

Step into the captivating world of “Who’s Afraid of M!key Garland?” as the unstoppable rapper takes the stage in his debut one-man show.

Through a mesmerising blend of rap, verbatim, and heartfelt storytelling, Garland shares his personal journey of homelessness, challenging societal stereotypes and shedding light on the class divide in the UK.

Presented by ArtsGroupie, this raw and unapologetically queer production brings hope and a powerful message of community support.

Garland’s remarkable performance, accompanied by his album’s critically lauded songs, paints a vivid picture of his struggles and triumphs, delving into themes of abuse, addiction, mental health, and the broken systems that perpetuate them.

As the stage transforms into a dark canvas, Garland’s words and statistics pierce through, demanding the audience’s attention and fostering a sense of solidarity.

Produced by: ArtsGroupie
Directed by and Starring: M!key Garland
Music by: Diamond Style, and Trkk Beats
Lyrics by: M!key Garland

“It is raw, powerful, unashamedly queer, and hopeful —a remarkable performance from Garland.”