Business Growth Support

    The Chamber Business Growth Programme was developed to give practical advice for businesses of all shapes and sizes as they reflect on what the new normal is going to look like for the global economy, how that will impact on the local economy, their market place…and most importantly what proactive steps they should be taking to ensure their offering is relevant and they remain viable or better still, grow.

    The programme covers all areas of a business and stimulates the delegates to question a lot of what they have taken for granted in recent years.

    There are two strands to the delivery of the Business Growth Programme.  Depending on your individual business needs you will either join a 5 week programme of set sessions or a selection of webinars, training and support groups.  Whichever strand you join, all are completed in just 12 hours, ensuring you are not taken away from your business for longer than necessary. 

    Sessions Delivered by experts 

    The 5 week set of sessions has been developed and is delivered by Gary Halpin of Flourish.

    Gary has over 35 years business experience during which he has experienced three global recessions and learned many lessons of how companies can bounce-back from adversity strongly. He has senior management and Board Level experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations for a number of household name companies and uses this experience to make the sessions practical.

    Gary had this to say about the sessions so far: "I am really pleased with how the programme is going, I get fantastic feedback from the delegates. I am particularly pleased at the diversity of companies that have attended and they all have benefitted. The subjects we cover are universal but I help to make them relevant to individual businesses”.

    After my 23 years in corporate life I started my own business providing pragmatic support to SMEs. I worked successfully with hundreds of businesses in just about every sector you can think of and achieved great results. I was based in the West Midlands at the time but being a Dingle lad I always wanted to come back home to Liverpool after so long away. I’m delighted to be doing my bit to support local businesses at this critical time.


    “After the first session I have already re-evaluated our different customer groups, our products and how we can effectively and efficiently service the various sectors. It has been a real light-bulb moment”.

    This was from a business with a £2million turnover!