Chamber Business Insurance

Joining Liverpool Chamber gives you access to a range of exclusive member insurance benefits, designed to contribute towards the success of your business.

    Coeus Insurance Management Ltd offers a diverse range of insurance services and risk management options, fully tailored to you and your business. Here’s why Coeus Insurance Management Ltd is the right Insurance Broker for you:

    Our dedicated team of experts have the vast industry knowledge and their experience, in excess of 50 years is extensive, that’s how we know you’re in the right hands.

    • It’s completely hassle-free – our team will remain dedicated to your business, taking ownership of the entire process. Once you’re partnered with Coeus Insurance, we will remove all of your insurance worries and concerns.
    • Cost-effective – we will source and implement the correct policy you require for the most reasonable financial cost available.
    • Communication is key – you can rely on our team to be a constant support network to you, providing information, advice and guidance thoroughly and consistently as and when it is required.
    • We are independently owned – this grants us the freedom to place business with an insurer that is the most suitable match for our clients’ unique requirements.

    For full details and to register for your ‘Exclusive Benefits’ please CLICK HERE.