Chamber Mediation

Chamber Members have access to a low cost mediation service designed to help local businesses reduce the cost of disputes during these difficult times.

In response to the ongoing pandemic Mediatelegal and Liverpool Chamber have launched a bespoke low cost mediation scheme. Under the scheme chamber members will be able to mediate certain disputes entirely for free.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the revenue streams of many businesses across Merseyside. Commercial and employment disputes are likely to increase dramatically before the UK finds itself clear of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mediation is quicker, cheaper, and more flexible than litigation. It is completely confidential, so businesses can protect reputations while working together to resolve otherwise difficult disputes. Under the most recent national mediation audit, mediation had an 89% success rate.

The Chamber mediation scheme is priced as follows:-


Commercial Disputes / Debt Disputes 

Disputes worth less than £5k       = 1 hour telephone mediation @ £nil

Disputes worth less than £50k    = 4 hour telephone mediation @ £250 + VAT per party

Disputes worth more than £50k = 6 hour telephone mediation @ £450 + VAT per party


Workplace Disputes / Director Disputes

1 hour telephone mediation @ £75 + VAT (paid by employer)

4 hour telephone mediation @ £250 + VAT (paid by employer)

6 hour telephone mediation @ £450 + VAT (paid by employer)


Mediation invitation letter - £15 + VAT instead of £45 + VAT


To access the scheme, members simply need to contact Mediatelegal on 0151 363 3972 or . Any business which is a current member of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce will automatically be entitled to access the Chamber Mediation scheme.