Covid Testing Solutions

Randox Health provide a comprehensive coronavirus testing service delivered for Liverpool Chamber Members

As companies prepare to restart business and make tentative steps towards “a new normal”, the focus for leaders and employers is to protect the health and wellbeing of workers and ensure workplaces remain ‘Covid-safe’.

Members of the Chamber have exclusive access to a business-focussed Coronavirus testing service delivered by Randox Health and the Ghosh Medical Group. The service provides local and reliable PCR testing supported by rapid antibody testing for staff at a location of the business's choosing.

Why Is Screening Staff Important?

Screening staff is critical, not only for the protection of your workforce, but also to contribute to the bigger public health picture. Screening helps, diagnose and contain infections in your workplace, but also helps the UK understand the ongoing spread and activity of coronavirus.

Providing mass initial screening for all your staff will help to rapidly isolate any potentially infective carriers which will prevent the harmful spread of the virus through the workforce and wider community that would otherwise lead to employee sickness and loss in productivity.

A company-wide screen is also vital in assessing how many employees have already been exposed to the virus, and as such, could be deemed to return back to work without further screening.  This, in turn, will help employers categorise employees for further testing, self-isolation, or potentially no need for further screening.

How does this screening service work?

We have a full FAQ document available here.

The process is simple, effective and has a swift turnaround time to ensure results are delivered quickly to support decision making relating to staff returning to the office or responding to a suspected outbreak within the office environment.


Members of the Chamber have access to a negotiated discounted rate for testing. Contact to arrange a testing programme for your business.