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Expansion of flight routes from JLA is good news for the Cargo industry

Posted by Tom Hughes

Business Development Director, The Parcel Centre

  • T: 0151 486 1919
Thu 21st, May

With Liverpool John Lennon Airport announcing new routes linking Liverpool to the rest of the world, now is the perfect time for us in the business sector to look beyond our sunglasses and sun creams and to the commercial opportunity we are presented.

Over the last three months, Liverpool Airport has seen an increase in passenger numbers but according to statistics, only 10% of passengers flying from Liverpool are business users.

However, the present carriers are working hard to increase this number. The Amsterdam link presents the region with a unique business opportunity.

Through Amsterdam Schiphol, we can access The Far East, including Hong Kong and Shanghai. Aer Lingus have also announced from October the recommencement of its Liverpool Dublin service. The flights are timed for easy onward travel to New York Washington, Boston, and California thru San Francisco.

As a result of the unique agreement with the United States government, you can also clear US immigration in Ireland.

Described by Aer Lingus as “ you can arrive before you depart” regular travellers to the US know the nightmare of clearing immigration stateside.

Utlimately, these services give us the opportunity to do business in the Americas, Far East and some of the emerging markets like Brazil and India.

For us in the Cargo industry, it’s an opportunity to recover the volumes of freight that used to pass through the airport.  Cargo links have now been re established to the Isle of Man and Belfast, however the Amsterdam Schiphol link will vastly increase the number of final destinations available for cargo, which has got to be great news for us, and business in the Liverpool City Region.

This week was Export Week, the perfect time for us to look at doing business with the rest of the world.

Think Samples, Think Freight, Think Export!


If anyone would like further information on exporting goods via Liverpool John Lennon Airport please get in touch with me at

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