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Privacy Policy

The Chamber takes the privacy of members, individuals, customers and employees seriously. In line with the introduction of GDPR legislation on 25th May 2018, we updated our privacy policy for the Chamber to ensure complete transparency for all about how we utilise data.

This policy covers the collection, processing and other use of personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998 and EU GDPR. It demonstrates the ‘legitimate interests’ the Chamber has relating to the ongoing processing of data and our policies relating to retention and disposal.

The policy is supplemented by the Chamber’s articles of association and Community Interest Company ‘Riders’ which specify the purpose for which the Chamber exists and forms the basis of its ‘legitimate interests.’

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CIC Riders – The Chamber has several riders relating to its status as a Community Interest Company. These riders state the objects and purpose of the Chamber and the defined community it exists to support. These riders – with the Chamber articles of association – form the basis upon which the Chamber’s privacy policy and data processing is delivered upon.

The riders can be downloaded here The Chamber’s Articles of Association can be downloaded here



Definitions for marketing & communication contact

We divide our principal forms of communication into four categories, to which member company employees are signed up (but can opt-out of receiving) and non-member company employees who can opt-in to join. The classifications are:

1. Chamber newsletters – The distribution of Chamber business-related content including business news, information and intelligence.

2. Events – The distribution of information relating to the Chamber of Commerce (and affiliated business) events.

3. Chamber Partnership Services – The distribution of content relating to ancillory/affinity services offered to member companies as a benefit of membership.

4. Business Surveys – The distribution of dedicated snap polls and business surveys to aid the collection of quantitative and qualitative information about business performance and sentiment.