What will your brand say about your business in 2016?

Going into 2016 this is a vital question for every business.

Posted by Ben Pinnington

Director at Polaris Media Management Ltd

Fri 08th, Jan

The starting point is that every company brand communicates messaging whether you mean to or not. If your company brand is not reinforced by clear marketing, the messaging you give out can be bland and weak leading the market to not truly understand you.

 Some points to consider:

* How is your company currently known by the market?

* What is the perception of your reputation and quality?

* Is your company perceived to have momentum - is it seen to be growing in popularity?

* Does the market understand all the services you offer?

* Does the market appreciate your unique selling points?

* What forms of marketing reach your target customers and positively raise your brand profile? ie: publicity, e-newsletters, social media, networking, trade fairs, advertising, presentations, client referrals.

 Polaris’ advice:

  • think hard about your unique selling points. Review them, test them and work out which grab people. What genuinely makes you different and gives you a competitive edge. Build your brand by repeating these in marketing consistently.
  • ensure your brand reflects the personality of the business. What matters to you? Quality, customer service, investing in your workforce, caring about your community? Whatever it is make sure your marketing reflects this.
  • use every marketing tool available to promote your brand messaging. You have to tell the marketplace you exist. You have to stand out. Do not fade into the crowd of dull, quiet mediocrity. You are passionate about what you do. So reach out to the market place and communicate that passion. Publicity remains one of the most effective ways of raising your brand to a mass audience.

CASE STUDY: CAMMELL LAIRDAbove pictured: Cammell Laird built the flight decks for the new QUEEEN ELIZABETH CLASS aircraft carriers reflecting its world-class facilities and workforce.

  • Polaris client Cammell Laird is a strong example of a company that knows exactly what its brand is about. Under clear leadership the Cammell Laird of today consistently promotes the standard of its work, its investment in apprentices, its multitude of charity works and the calibre of facilities. Importantly it clearly explains to the marketplace what it does now. This is critical as the company has a mighty history of ship building, dating back the 1830s, which can lead to misconceptions. The fact is Cammell Laird is fundamentally different now to what it was in the past. Today the company is diversifying, it no longer solely builds ships. It still excels in ship repair, refit, conversion and ship building. However, Cammell Laird can also offer its world class workforce, facilities, supply chain and unique geographical position to build modules for the civil nuclear sector as well as support the building and servicing of offshore windfarms.Cammell Laird uses a wide range of marketing to promote its brand including publicity, trade fairs, newsletters, presentations, social media and event sponsorship.

         So what does 2016 hold for your world-class brand?

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