How do you make flexible working work?

Microsoft Office provide us with their tips on making flexible working work..

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Fri 13th, May

Hark back to the time you’ve had the best ideas of your professional life. Where were you at the time? Taking a walk? Having a discussion with your friend over a pint of beer? Or, better still – in the shower?

The notion that you’re most productive at your job in the office is becoming outdated. Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, Dave Coplin, says “The basic issue with flexible working is just what is it? One of the challenges I consistently see is that when I say “flexible working”, most people hear “working from home”. And actually, flexible working is not necessarily working from home.  Flexible working is about being able to make a choice, on any given day, about the most appropriate location for the work you’re about to do.”.

To make flexible working work there are two important question a business owner must ask.  Does my organisation have the right culture to adopt flexible working and do I have the right tools to enable effective flexible working?  Let’s start by looking at the tools.

Choosing the right tools for flexible working

To do business anywhere, reliable tech tools that are accessible anywhere are a bare essential. Be it attending customer calls or accessing files on the move, it’s vital to choose the right flexible working technologies for your business. Here are three flexible working technologies that make flexible working more efficient.

The Cloud

Cloud computing means storing and using data and programmes over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.  Sound complicated? It isn’t!  If you checked your email on your smartphone this morning, then chances are the data was stored in the cloud.  Organisations who want to embrace flexible working should be embracing the cloud and equipping their teams with tools that allow them to communicate effectively, access and share files wherever they are (with or without internet connection) and make them more productive than ever.  You can try Office 365 for free to test out these useful features. 

The Device

Whether it is a swanky tablet that can do backflips or a simple notebook that purrs, choosing the right device is important to achieve the ultimate flexibility solution.  Windows 10 mobile devices range from laptops, notebooks, tablets and phones and come with handy features such as touch, type, write or speak depending on where you are and who you are with.

The Padlock

Make it safe to work anywhere and avoid any disasters should you or someone in your business lose their device.  It happens!  With useful tools like Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) you can have peace of mind that your devices and any sensitive information on them is protected. It is just one easy to manage package which is affordable for any small business and works seamlessly with Office 365.


To find out more about how to make flexible working work for your business why not try Office 365 for your business

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