Getting Samples into Turkey; the Devil is in the Details

New Requirements Raise Concerns

Posted by Leslie August

Director - Boomerang Carnets LTD

Thu 18th, Feb

The “devil is in the details” when getting temporary imports into Turkey. Turkey accepts the international customs document, the ATA Carnet, for commercial samples, professional equipment and trade fairs and exhibitions.However, recently, Turkish customs issued new requirements that will cause problems for U.K. exporters and carnet holders if caught unawares. Unfortunately, while the ATA Carnet is intended to facilitate temporary imports for commercial and cultural purposes, these regulatory impositions create unnecessary administrative hurdles for users.

The obstructionist requirements are regarding of use of ATA Carnets presented to Turkish customs in the areas of:1) Authorized Representatives, 2) Temporary Admissions with Partial Relief from duties and taxesand 3) Penalties associated with misuse of the carnet.

In addition to explicitly naming the Holder’s Authorized Representative and providing a signature, that representative must obtain a Power of Attorney approved by the Turkish Consulate. Turkish customs has made it clear that this is required in spite of lack of any mention of such a requirement in the international convention under which carnets are managed.

Turkish customs also clarifies that items subject to “Partial Relief” will carry a duty rate of 3% monthly. For further details, exporters are referred to an authorized Customs broker. Carnet specialists are concerned about any requirements that depend on the use of a customs broker since the original intent of the ATA Carnet was a do-it-yourself document.

Finally, penalties are outlined for misuse of the carnet. They are steep for goods re-exported more than 2 months after expiration. The is fine is two times the bonded value of the goods.

While ATA Carnet authorities are addressing these unnecessary trade barriers directly with Turkish customs, exporters must comply with the requirements. It is our opinion that these regulations are in direct conflict with the intent of the ATA Carnet system and that customs authorities already have adequate protection,in the form of a financial guarantee, without imposing limitations that make it harder to temporarily import.

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