Businesses, not David Cameron, can drive global prosperity

Posted by Sarah Woolley

Export Documentation Manager - Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce

Wed 21st, Oct

If you have seen any news about the government’s plans to grow the British economy, you will be well versed in the Chancellor’s ambitious export target of £1tn by the end of the decade.

Last week, ministers met with Chinese representatives for a four-day visit to discuss trade and investment deals worth more than £40bn, which also included talks between Mr Xi and Prime Minister David Cameron.

But what does this mean for business owners on the ground? And how does this translate to companies which are struggling to find the support to develop their presence overseas?

In June this year, a survey of more than 4,500 businesses released by the British Chambers of Commerce shows that the share of Chamber members which export continues to increase. However, the findings also suggest that gaps surrounding the general know-how of how to take a product or service overseas are holding back firms from taking the initial step towards exporting.

But exporting doesn’t have to be difficult.

At the Chamber of Commerce, we know that the intricacies of taking a product to market can play a big part in preventing a company from capitalising on global opportunities.  

For example, buzzwords like ATAs, EUR1s and certificates of origin can be viewed as complex barriers to trading overseas.

That’s why we provide a tailored certification service to help businesses overcome the logistic complexities of getting a product into the hands of a customer.

Last year, we issued over 20,000 export docs, approximately 15,000 of which were European Certificates of Origin alone. Similarly, completed certificates to Egypt and Turkey have increased by 25% in just a year.

This has helped hundreds of local firms to minimise risk, avoid delays and prevent extra costs when exporting their goods overseas.

Having a certificate will also enable a business to trace and secure the goods entering a country, making the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Businesses, not David Cameron, are in the driving seat for global prosperity. The question is will you take the wheel?

Does your product need certification? Contact Sarah Woolley for further information on 0151 227 1234.

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