ISO 14001: 2015 - are you ready for the change?

Posted by Stephen Sykes

Principal Consultant, Emansys Chair of Energy & Environment Member Forum

Mon 14th, Sep

I’ve taken advantage of the usual summer lull, working with Graeme Moore, a very bright and able intern from University of Liverpool, to update the Merseyside Environmental Trust’s (MET) website and two publications “Your Environmental Policy” and “Your Environmental Checklist”, both initially written for community organisations with a view to giving them a broader appeal and relevance. As we now head into autumn, it’s time to look forward, particularly to the imminent publication of the revision to ISO 14001: 2015. 

Over the past few months we have also been looking at how we can use the Chamber’s Member Forum on Energy & Environment (formally the Energy & Environment Committee) to not only raise awareness of issues which impact directly on businesses across the city region, but also encourage more members to become involved and have their say. So what better way to kick off the new look forum than with a presentation from Ray Mooney of Certification Body SGS UK Ltd to advise us of the changes and the implications of revision to ISO 14001:2015.   As a small taster of what Ray may have in store for us, here are a few headlines regarding ISO 14001:2015.

The new requirements can be split into 5 key categories:

Organisational Context – demonstrating that the organisation has a high-level understanding of the important issues that can affect, either positively or negatively, its ability to achieve the intended outcomes of its Environmental Management System (EMS).

Leadership – the need for management to be engaged in the operation of the EMS and include environmental performance as a factor when making strategic business decisions.

Risk – focus should not just be on environmental risks, but also the uncertainty associated with threats and opportunities from climate change, resource scarcity, new processes and materials.

Communication – having equal emphasis on external and internal communications is vital which should include communicating consistent and reliable information externally with your green message to the forefront in your marketing materials, and encouraging customers to adopt a similar ethos.

Monitoring – an emphasis on the need for evaluation in addition to the current requirements for measurement and analysis.

To find out more join us at the Members Forum on Wednesday 16th September at 10.00am (please contact to register). 

This has been a busy summer, on both a political and social level, with a range of issues emerging to which the government will need to find solutions. As a Member of the Chamber you can help to influence both the debate and actions going forward, so if there are issues you would like to raise for future Forum meetings, please contact myself or Michelle Cameron at the Chamber (

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