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Posted by Paul Cherpeau

Chief Executive

Fri 15th, Sep

Last week it was announced that I'd been appointed as the Chief Executive of the Chamber and I want to use my blog this week to make a request. We need you to tell us what you want from us.

The Chamber of Commerce for Liverpool and Sefton has a key role to play with local, regional and national partners to create a city region where businesses want to invest, relocate, export and start up.

Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce will remain a private-sector led organisation which provides access to the largest, best and most diverse network of businesses and talent in the city region. In addition to helping to stimulate intra-member business, we will represent the collective interests of our members and ensure you receive the information and market intelligence to prosper in these complex times.

In particular, we will be working with members to ensure they are prepared for the outcome of Brexit negotiations, have a clear voice in the campaign for improving infrastructure in the North and are at the forefront of an insatiable desire to improve the delivery of skills to citizens in the City Region.

I have made a commitment to contact and arrange meetings with all of our member businesses before the turn of the year. It is essential that as a members-funded Chamber that we are providing the services, representation and information that your business needs.

Consider the following and let us know:

1.       How can the Chamber of Commerce tangibly support your business objectives?

2.       What are the biggest issues impacting upon your business either now or in the coming twelve months?

3.       As a member, what one thing could the Chamber of Commerce do to generate the maximum benefit from your company’s membership?

We've got some great things coming up - our Annual Dinner on 2nd November, the arrival of some new faces in the business, an exciting 'Marketing Power Hour' programme, the reforming of our Members Council and the introduction of a refreshed membership offer. 

I’m extremely grateful for the support organisations have provided to the Chamber through investment in membership and I hope that we are reciprocating that support with value. If we aren’t, you're in the best place to help us shape a Chamber of Commerce that works for business.

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