Don’t let infighting obscure the opportunity

It’s a pity that the debate over devolution for Merseyside is dominated by reports of infighting between politicians.

Posted by Jenny Stewart

Chief Executive of Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce

Sun 11th, Jan

Instead, the focus should be on the huge opportunity that these proposed changes will create.

The issue is not just about politics, it’s also about economics in its purest form – decisions about the allocation of resources.

Central government spends hundreds of millions of pounds in this region.  Some is spent well and some not so well.

Common sense dictates that spending decisions are best made by people with a strong understanding of local needs.

For example, it makes sense to ask local businesses in some detail about the type of skills they look for before deciding how to spend money on youth training.

A devolved Merseyside city region would gain control hundreds of millions of pounds of public spending on business support, housing, health and social care, skills, transport, and getting the economically inactive back into work.

But the city region’s leaders need to listen and take notice of the views of business people before they make spending decisions.

The Chamber is your voice in this important debate and we will be making sure the politicians hear us loud and clear. So let us know what you think. Post your message to the region’s council leaders by commenting on this blog.

A devolved Merseyside would control hundreds of £ms of public spending. Post your message to the region’s council leaders by commenting

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