Removing overwhelm from Marketing – Planning and Structure

Transform your marketing for 2017

Posted by Amanda Dodd

Founder and Creative Director of Koogar Limited

Mon 24th, Oct

One of the biggest problems that many business owners and marketing managers have is that they become overwhelmed with their marketing. This is a huge issue, especially for business owners, as this can often lead to them either ignoring their marketing all together or just posting on Facebook every now and then.

This can have detrimental effective upon business effectiveness and can even lead to companies going out of business due to not getting any new business. One fairly simple way of preventing this is to understand your business and what you are trying to do better and then to add structure to the marketing you are implementing.

How does this prevent marketing overwhelm?

You might be wondering how understanding your business better will help with your marketing overwhelm, surely you need to know more about marketing?

While developing your marketing knowledge, marketing communications is also very important and it is far more crucial that you understand your business. If you understand your business and identify the audience that your products and services solve a problem for, then it is MUCH easier to produce specific, targeted and focused content that can engage with them effectively.

Furthermore, if you understand your customers fully, you will know where to find them in terms of marketing channels and you will develop an understanding of which channels are most effective for your target audience, meaning that your confusion over WHICH media channels to be engaging with will dissipate.

Understanding which channels are effective will also drive your marketing motivation and creativity to understand your customers further in terms of their interests and hobbies, which are great topics that can be integrated into your marketing communications to drive engagement and profit.

Structure is the key

Once the understanding is in place, you have identified the channels that are best to communicate with your target audience and you are motivated to produce engaging content all you need is structure.

Structure is key because it again makes marketing less confusing, more tangible and less overwhelming.

It can do this in a number of ways, but firstly it is essential to have a marketing calendar. This outlines the marketing that needs to be implemented each and every day, and helps you manage your content creation by breaking the marketing needs down into days and week.

Secondly, making your marketing measurable is also important for planning your marketing, as well as reducing overwhelm. This is because if your marketing is measurable you can then see how effective it is, which channels are the most impactful, which are the most cost-effective and consequently you can make informed decisions on the adaption and development of your marketing.

Other structural elements to consider are your sales process and referral process, and how your marketing communications strategy can be successfully integrated into these two key elements of your business.


Overall, while marketing overwhelm can become hugely problematic for many businesses it can be broken down by developing understanding and integrating that understanding into the structures of your business.

 If you feel overwhelmed by your marketing and would love some assistance in developing that understanding and effectively integrating it into your marketing structures then our marketing planning day is the one for you.

Transform your marketing for 2017 is the event you need to kick start your business for the New Year! It is taking place on the 7th of December at Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce. For more details visit the Facebook event or the Eventbrite page to purchase tickets.

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