About our Chambers of Commerce

Liverpool and Sefton Chambers of Commerce exists to create business.

1. Create business through membership

We work to:

  • promote and celebrate your business and its contribution to our city region
  • help you grow your contact and customer base
  • provide services to support the running of your business
  • represent your business interests to key stakeholders through the power of our business network.

Chamber membership helps create business

2. Create international business

We work to:

  • actively support and enable the exporting of local business' products, services and talent across the world
  • leverage the power of the Global Chamber Business Network
  • help your business overcome barriers to exporting 
  • champion and represent our local business talent and potential on the world stage

Chamber export services and support creates international business

3. Create business, jobs and skills

We work to:

  • Deliver more than 400 apprenticeship jobs and NVQ qualifications in our city region every year
  • Give young people the opportunity to shine in local businesses
  • Celebrate the achievements of apprentices and employers unlocking the power of local talent

Liverpool Chamber Training creates business jobs and skills 


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    We are an accredited member of the British Chambers of Commerce and the International Chambers of Commerce.

    We have been the most prominent business representative organisation in Liverpool for more than 200 years.

    We are passionate about why we are here; to ensure that Liverpool businesses are successful and contribute to the region's social and economic wealth and prosperity.

    We are a not-for-profit organisation and since 2010 have been a 'Community Interest Company'; this means that we conduct our business to benefit the business community of Liverpool for whom our resources and services are provided to serve.