Lizz offers the skills to understand power of presentation

Fri, March 31st, 2017

Clear and direct communication is one of your most invaluable tools

So many companies have a great product or service to offer - but their presentation is so poor that the message just doesn’t come across.

Clear and direct communication is one of the most invaluable tools you can have in your bag and yet public speaking remains the number one fear for many people and can hold back even the most dynamic entrepreneurs.

Ask the expert

But help is at hand in the form of engagement specialist Lizz Jones, founder of Liverpool-based Tallant Jones.

She can deliver a masterclass in the art of public speaking, offering business people the opportunity to acquire a powerful skill than can turbo-charge their sales.

Lizz says: “The number one fear in the UK is public speaking, and yet many companies continue to push their staff into the front line to deliver their corporate message.

“We expect them to excite their audiences, to educate them, to convey a message, to influence and inspire them to buy our products - or provide us with funding or finance.

“And yet we don’t arm our teams with the simplest tools to help them to deliver their best and most authentic presentations. Why is that?”

Masterclass with humour

Alder Hey Children’s Charity Trust were asking themselves exactly these questions just a few months ago.
And in December last year Lizz teamed up with well-known Merseyside stand-up comedian, Sam Avery of The Comedy Trust to deliver a workshop to the trust’s team.

It came about thanks to Lizz’s membership with Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce, who helped facilitate the introduction.

During the workshop, the Alder Hey team learned:

• The power of storytelling to inspire and influence others
• The importance of body language and physical presence
• How to make a presentation truly memorable
• What essential preparations you need for the big presentation
• The power of using their own personality to work for them
• Ways to grab attention and keep audiences engaged throughout

On completing the programme, Louise Barrett, head of corporate and major giving at Alder Hey Children’s Charity, said: “This experience has been invaluable for us.

“Every member of the team has benefited from the learning and practical experience this workshop provided, and we all feel as though we have reinvigorated our story and delivery.

“I thoroughly recommend this programme; and would encourage any other business leaders who rely on their teams to deliver outstanding presentations to do the same.”

Great networks

Lizz added: “We know how the ability to deliver an effective presentation can have a transformational effect on any business or organisation.

“It was thanks to the Chamber that we were able to help the trust as that is where the introduction came from.
“One of the other most important assets a business can have is access to great networks and that is the value for me of being a member of the chamber.

“Competition is a reality of business life but collaboration is important, too. Through its network and events the chamber offers its members the opportunity for local businesses to help each other for everyone’s benefit.”

For more information log onto for testimonials or to watch a short video about the work they did with Alder Hey Children’s Charity you can click here

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