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Thu, February 1st, 2018

Radwraps are about to take their business to the next level

Radwraps are about to take their business to the next level with a new concept of advertising and marketing – RADVERTISING!

Radvertising sees the Radwraps radiator covers used for the purpose of advertising businesses. These are known as Radverts, and they have the potential to not only brighten up a plain meeting room and to stand out in their own right, but they can potentially engage many new customers with an organisation, as well as acting as a revenue stream for the company hosting the premises.

*** Earn revenue from your bland, lifeless radiators!!! ***

With Radvertising, a Radwraps cover is used to promote a service or the collective services of the company that the radiator happens to be based in. Alternatively, if an organisation has a space regularly attracting many visitors, the Radvert can be rented on a monthly basis by other businesses to showcase their own services to a new and greater target audience.

It acts as a unique advertising tool for companies, and an additional revenue stream for businesses, particularly those who work with a plethora of local companies covering all sectors.

*** Promote your own products and services with your inanimate radiators!!! ***

One of the more innovative aspects of Radvertising is the optional inclusion of QR coding. This allows for people to directly connect to a website or an app via the QR code featured on a side of a company’s Radvert. It’s a cutting-edge advancement that takes modern technology and business promotion to new heights, and it allows the organisation to further engage with customers and to receive increased traffic and potential exposure.

James Maddocks, director at Radwraps, commented: “Our latest concept using Radverts is extremely exciting. We have been working on this behind the scenes for two years, and we are now ready to launch.

“Lifeless, bland, boring radiators can now be turned into a revenue source, whilst protecting from burns and having no heat loss. You can advertise in-house your latest products, promotions or services, or use your space for third-party companies to advertise their products and turn that space into a revenue source.

“We believe in the right areas, with the right demographic and footfall. Some radiator spaces could earn the facilities £1,500 a month … £1,500 a month to use your radiator space!

“All we need to get you started are your radiator details, size, location and description of passing traffic. For example, we have 1,000 mm wide x 600 mm high radiator spaces in serviced office buildings that upwards of 1,000 people a day pass by.”

The Radverts are aimed at any businesses and business owners with radiators in waiting rooms, meeting rooms, receptions or any areas of public traffic, where many visitors are likely to see the Radvert and take the time to engage with the profiled organisation.

*** Radwraps are now looking out for companies with radiators who want to make money from these Radverts, or companies wishing to advertise on radiators. ***

Radwraps will provide a list of advertisers ready in waiting for a company’s specific area, and within the desired target sector, so that the business being showcased has the greatest possible chance of benefitting.

For more information about Radwraps and their Radverts, you can contact James Maddocks by calling 01704 567083, or by emailing james@radwraps.co.uk, or you can visit www.radwraps.co.uk.

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