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Wed, August 8th, 2018

or know what to expect from your IT Manager

Practically your whole business – bar the furniture – is on your computer system these days. So, looking after your business means looking after that system. Even if you employ an IT support manager, you’re going to have to know what to expect from them! Are you or your IT support manager doing the following things?

Know your IT suppliers – Know what you want them to do for you, how much they’re costing you, and review your reasons for signing them up.

Know your service contracts – check the contract dates, diarise reviews, and read the summaries.

Produce a flow chart – This should show how all your IT systems integrate, which systems work together. A flow chart will highlight efficiency improvements to start working on and enhance your ability to spot vulnerabilities and fix problems.

Identify critical areas – Which systems are most/least critical for business continuity? Checking they are being backed-up is the minimum you should do. Ensure you have a recovery plan and document recovery processes, times and objectives.

Future finance – Set aside a budget for the IT work inherent in important upcoming changes like office moves, restructuring and acquisitions. Such projects heavily impact IT!

Produce an IT operations manual – This will show how the IT Department functions, including external parties, as well as the disaster recovery plan. Having one in place builds confidence amongst your IT team and the wider organisation.

Plan – Create a 6-month IT plan. Outline any changes, upgrades, and improvements that you can envisage based on the company’s goals.

Consider fully outsourcing – If you don’t want to get into funding the cost of an IT manager AND his or her sickness/holiday cover and all the other inherent staffing issues ….

If you don’t want to carry the entire burden of maintaining IT when you’re also trying to develop your business – lean on a reputable IT support company. That way you’ll have more freedom to bring in more business and work on growth.

By making sure you get the right IT support services to meet your needs, you and your business will benefit.

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