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Mon, February 11th, 2019

Just over 70 years on from its creation, income generation is arguably the...

Just over 70 years on from its creation, income generation is arguably the biggest problem facing the National Health Service and trusts are working harder than ever to find new revenue streams.

Today, most NHS organisations generate cash through commercial sponsorship and advertising. So long as the content is appropriate, they can sell advertising space on external and internal poster sites, leaflets and anywhere else that meets the NHS Code of Practice.

The NHS also produces a huge amount of its own advertising and marketing campaigns in its own right. For example, last year to mark the 70th anniversary, a campaign was launched to focus on the retention and recruitment of the next generation of nurses.

You might question why a publicly funded NHS trust should capitalise on the visitors to its premises and push advertising. The fact is that advertising is part of all of our lives. So long as budgets continue to be squeezed, it should be no surprise to anyone see advertising playing a permanent part in contributing to the upkeep of departments or services. They're putting the money they make back in to benefit patients, staff and their local communities.

Radverts has emerged as unique cash generator for the NHS based around an exciting new alternative to radiator covers.

The Radwrap cover system comprises a specially formulated magnetic sheet, 1mm thick. It lowers the surface temperature, therefore making the radiator cover safer to touch, but allows heat to travel through the wrap without reducing the amount of energy it produces.

It can be fitted in seconds without any glues or screws, so it doesn’t need any ward or corridor closures or risk management planning.

A Radwrap is much more than just a huge magnet with which to cover a rusty old radiator, because it also sets new standards in hygiene. It is also available with inbuilt Biomaster antimicrobial technology, providing 24-hour product protection against the growth of bacteria on the radiator surface.

Biomaster is effective against most harmful pathogens including hospital acquired infections such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). The technology works for the lifetime of the radiator cover and never wears off or leaches out.

Radwraps was initially created as a low-cost way of freshening up tired old fixtures and so the radiator covers are available in a wide range of colourful patterns. They can have any decorative image, design or message placed on them.

There are really no limits to what can be printed on the surface - and that’s where Radverts comes in. Old radiators can be used as information points for locations, maps or amenities, or for safety information such as fire drill instructions.

They could also be used for public health information. At Southend University Hospital, where the pilot scheme for Radverts is now underway, old radiators are being used to give people important advice about norovirus, measles and other safety issues.

Emma Dowling, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Southend University Hospital said, “I saw potential for spreading the infection prevention message when I heard about Radwraps. The antibacterial, wipe-clean covers magnetically cling to radiators and broadcast key messages to staff and patients, highlighting important issues like good hand hygiene and alternatives to visiting Accident and Emergency.

“We’re testing the Radwrap messages in a few places across the hospital now and expect to expand to display more key messages around the hospital.”

Another innovative aspect of Radverts is the optional inclusion of QR coding. This allows for people to directly connect to a website or an app via the QR code. With simple QR codes, radiator covers can be used as an NHS messaging system for staff notices or internal messages.

While offering a highly effective means by which to communicate with patients, visitors and staff, they can also contribute towards hospital revenues with third-party advertising.

Southend University Hospital alone has 229 radiators in waiting rooms, radiators and corridors, perfectly placed for visibility. At any given time, the footfall in this single NHS building is roughly equivalent to that of a small town. Over a year, Southend University Hospital is visited by 100,000 inpatients and 540,000 outpatients.

The potential for advertising revenue is huge. Radwraps Director James Maddocks estimates that every one of the Southend radiators could be earning £1,000 a year.

Every year, the NHS has 17 million in-patient and nearly 90 million out-patient visits. For every patent there are a couple of carers and visitors. The NHS is also the biggest employer in Europe with over 1.7 million employees. As the NHS has 168 Trusts, the potential earning across the country is £38 million a year.

James explains: “every hospital radiator is a potential revenue source. Waiting room times on average are over two hours and the benefits of Radverts in hospitals, dental and GP facilities are that they reach the audience at a time when they are most receptive to messages relating to health and wellbeing.

We are the UK’s only NHS radiator advertising company, so we can work with UK’s biggest advertisers and agencies to deliver relevant high-performance advertising campaigns inside NHS properties. The NHS benefits by earning extra revenue to improve health care and services for their local communities, while our advertisers get great brand positioning and excellent return on investment.

We understand the enormous pressures and challenges the NHS has to deal with. Our model offers a brand new revenue stream, with no costs to the NHS. We work with each NHS partner to ensure it works efficiently and have created a simple process to make joining the network as easy as possible. In cases where the hospital Trust doesn’t have the funds available to buy a Radwrap, for example, they could be sponsored by third party advertiser giving their partners brand exposure in key areas.

These previously under-utilised NHS assets are a critical touchpoint for advertisers to reach and engage their target audiences. As the number of the NHS organisations in the network grows, the greater the revenues we can award the NHS. This is a unique opportunity to place your brand inside the NHS, considered one of the world's most trusted brands".

For more information about Radwraps and Radverts, you can contact James Maddocks by calling 01704 567083, or by emailing james@radwraps.co.uk, or you can visit www.radwraps.co.uk.

For more information about Biomaster antimicrobial technology visit the company website.

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